Phillip & Jessica-Freeland Wedding-Dow Gardens Wedding-Doubletree Bay City Wedding

January 28, 2020  •  1 Comment

December 27th marked the special day for Phillip and Jessica and Lori and I were so looking forward to being a part of their wedding.

We've had the pleasure of knowing Phillip and Jessica for many years as they both graduated with our son Conrad from Bay City Western High School.  They also both attended SVSU with Conrad.  Conrad roomed with Phillip for several years while attending SVSU.  Conrad was also asked to be a groomsman for Phillip so this was our first wedding to photograph with one of our children as a wedding attendant.  (That still seems crazy to us.) We knew so many people at the wedding and it was a pleasure for sure capturing Phillip and Jessica's special day.

Lori and I started the day at St. Agnes in Freeland where the girls were getting ready.  We captured some candids of the girls getting ready as well as the guys finishing the touches with their attire.  Phillip is attending medical school in the Army and wore his dress uniform with saber.  I've always enjoyed photographing a groom in full uniform.  We proceeded to take pre ceremony portraits of each respective side before their ceremony with the beautifully decorated sanctuary of St. Agnes.  After their ceremony we took some formals on the altar with family and wedding party and then it was off to Dow Gardens for some outdoor portraits.  

Dow Gardens provided a nice backdrop for some outdoor photos even though we didn't have any snow for December 27th.  They have lots of evergreens, rock walls and bridges that can provide a nice portrait anytime of year.  We certainly had some fun with the wedding party and they surely showed that in their portraits.

Phillip and Jessica's reception was at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel in Bay City which is one of our favorite venues to work at.  After dinner and some formal dances we took Phillip and Jessica over to Wenonah Park for some portraits with the wonderfully lit Christmas tree at the end of Center Avenue.  We did some backlighting and set the camera to show off the beautiful Christmas tree.

We want to thank Phillip and Jessica for having us be a part of their wedding and we wish them the best on their new life together.

Adam & Lori

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Superb pictures. I love these so much
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