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Kayla & Andrew - Midland Wedding - Dow Diamond - The Tridge

August 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Kayla and Andrew said 'I Do' on July 14 at Messiah Lutheran in Midland and entertained their guests at the Holiday Inn Midland for their reception.  I had the pleasure of photographing both Kayla and Andrew for their senior portraits so what an honor to photograph the next chapter of their new life together.

It was a little raining the morning of their wedding but turned out to be nice day later for their outdoor portraits.  Andrew works at Dow Diamond for the Loons so we had incredible access around the stadium since the ball team was on the road.  I love the custom jerseys they had made to celebrate their day.  We also stopped by the Tridge in Midland for some more portraits of Kayla and Andrew.  I enjoyed working with their families and wedding party all day.

Finally, we were off to the Holiday Inn in Midland for their reception where a good time was had by everyone for sure.

Congratulations again to Kayla and Andrew!


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