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Conrad & Allison - Winter Session - Bay City State Park

March 04, 2016  •  4 Comments

Well my son Conrad has almost accomplished his little goal of being photographed with his girlfriend Allison during the major seasons: Summer, Fall and now Winter.  (Coming Soon: Spring) He is so like his mother when it comes to session ideas and putting such a high value on being photographed with the ones you care about. That makes us both very proud parents.

I truly enjoy photographing Conrad and Allison together and seeing them interact with each other.  Their relationship is so special and genuine.  We had a great time out at State Park for a quick little session while Allison is home on Spring Break.  Of course I'm sure it doesn't feel like Spring trouncing around through snow drifts.  

Temps were a little cold, but snow and lighting was great!

Adam (proud Dad)

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Oscar Fernandez(non-registered)
Lovely shots. The location was so beautiful as well. Thanks
Solaiman Sumon(non-registered)
All of these photographs are looking amazing . I appreciate this post . Thank you so much for shared .
Clipping Path Service provider(non-registered)
Amazing cool photographs.so much skilled capture.Very nice
Nazmul Islam(non-registered)
The environment, lighting, focus all are good. Really mind blowing photos.
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