Kayla & James - SVSU Founders Hall wedding - Dow Diamond reception

September 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Kayla and James shared their vows on August 19th at Founders Hall on the campus of SVSU.  After their ceremony we stopped at Kayla's parents' Centennial Farm for a photo on the front porch and with their dog.  Next, we ventured to Bay City State Park for some incredible beach photos with their wedding party.  Then it was off to Dow Diamond in Midland where the Loons play.  Their reception was held in the concourse of the ballpark which provided such a neat backdrop for their guests.  We were able to go out onto the field later in the evening for some cool photos around the bases and in the dugout.  The $.25 Beer Band entertained their guests with some country music.

It was such a perfect day for weather as the temperatures made it very comfortable all day and evening.  We had a wonderful time capturing Kayla and James on their special day.


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