Katelyn & Austin - Bay City Wedding - Beach Wedding Portraits

September 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Time to get caught up on some wedding blogging.  Katelyn and Austin tied the knot on August 12 at Bay Valley Christian Church and entertained their guests at the LFA Hall.  I had the pleasure of photographing both Katelyn and Austin for their Senior portraits so what an honor to capture their special day.  There were so many wonderful, emotional moments throughout the day from their prayer together before their ceremony to when Katelyn saw her Dad for the first time in her dress.  We ventured to Bay City State Park for some beach portraits with their wedding party and then stopped in Downtown Bay City for a few more before it started to rain.  I was able to capture some Infrared shots as well.  Love the IR photos with all the leaves turning white like snow. 

We surely created some beautiful portraits of such a wonderful couple and families.  



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