Kami and Connor - Gladwin Wedding - Rustic Barn Wedding

July 21, 2017  •  1 Comment

I had the pleasure of photographing both Kami and Connor's senior portraits when they graduated from high school.  It is a great feeling to have such wonderful clients who come back for other portraits needs such as family sessions and weddings.  

They had their wedding at a family friend's home in Gladwin in a rustic red barn.  Barn weddings have become a very popular trend.  They do provide such a unique venue for ceremonies and reception.  The forecast did not look great for their special day and it did rain most of the day.  Similar to other weddings this year, we were determined to not let the rain spoil our photography.  Every time it would let up or stop we literally ran outside with family members and the wedding party to get our photos done outside.  We did get every grouping we needed and I was able to get a nice variety of Kami and Connor considering the weather.

Kami and Connor had the most amazing guests who at the last minute with the rain had to bring all the chairs inside the barn for the ceremony and dry them with towels.  In about 15 minutes they moved the reception tables to the outside, set up chairs in rows with an aisle down the middle and voila, instant ceremony location and it was so beautiful in the barn.  Sometimes the backup plan works out better than Plan A.

Have a wonderful life together Kami and Connor.


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Mary Kwapich(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures. Kami and Conner are both so photogenic. What a great job capturing the love they share.
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