Jordan & Tommy - Tawas Wedding - AuGres Wedding

November 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I almost forgot to share Jordan and Tommy's wedding from September so I apologize to this amazing couple.  It was an absolutely perfect day for a wedding weather wise.  Jordan and Tommy had their ceremony in Tawas and entertained their many guests in AuGres at the Lions club pavilion which was transformed by Tommy's mother and her friends into an amazing reception venue.  The decorations were amazing and the food was out of this world. (especially the homemade ice cream)  Jordan and Tommy had a large wedding party of friends and relatives and they were so much fun to be with.  After portraits at church we stopped to a farm on the way to AuGres for some portraits by an old barn, tractor and bridge.

Congrats to the happy couple as you start your new life together!


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